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A personal note from Arlene Netten, owner and designer of Plumples Quilt Patterns...
Thank you for visiting my website. With my patterns I hope to motivate you to try quilting if you haven't tried it, or to take you further along in your quilting journey and to spark your own creativity in the process. My business and my home is in Garden Valley, Idaho, a growing mountain community one hour north of Boise. I immediately fell in love with quilting when I made my first quilt in 1994 and Plumples Quilt Patterns was soon to follow. After a lifelong interest in sewing and crafts I found that, for me, quilting embodies the best of all the creative endeavors. As a result it has truly become my passion. Because I want you to thoroughly enjoy the experience of quilting, I have spent a lot of time testing and re-testing each pattern for clarity and accuracy. If you should have a question or need assistance with any Plumples pattern, I encourage you to email me and I will respond promptly. Thank you again for stopping by to get acquainted and may your visit to Plumples inspire you and bring you many enjoyable and fulfilling quilting moments!

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